The traditional ACRS program was a tool for identifying deficiencies however it is limited in its use for planning or strategic decisions such as prioritization and long-term considerations of asset lifecycle needs. 

As a result, the introduction of the Extended Asset Condition Reporting System (E-ACRS) has been requested by ISC and will be utilized moving forward for all infrastructure inspections.  E-ACRS improves current asset management approaches by forecasting the lifecycle needs and costs for each asset, by component.  E-ACRS provides a more complete picture of the asset portfolio and is a better tool to help with planning and strategic decisions. 

Our team of technical advisors and GIS technicians inspect federally-funded assets (roads & bridges, buildings (e.g. schools, band office, etc.), vehicles, solid waste, water and wastewater systems) to promote safe, strong community infrastructure.

Training and Workshops

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Asset Management Resources and Toolkit

In 2020, with support from Indigenous Services Canada, TSAG partnered with Urban Systems Ltd. to provide information about and gather feedback on asset management practices in First Nations in Alberta. The products is an Asset Management Toolkit that provides resources specific to First Nations. While the process of asset management is similar between municipalities and First Nation communities, First Nations have several unique circumstances and data resources.

The Asset Management Toolkit and Resources: A First Nations Perspective, provides templates and step by step resources to support your Nation in asset management. Click the button below for a copy of the toolkit and blank templates. There are links to fillable excel and word templates in the PDF.

FRENCH VERSION (.pdf file)

E-ACRS Services Include:

  • We conduct a condition assessment of federally-funded assets on 3-year cycle.
  • We identify deficiencies (infrastructure that needs to be repaired, replaced, reconstructed or upgraded).
  • We produce an electronic report for First Nations, Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) that contains estimated costs to repair, replace, reconstruct or upgrade infrastructure.
  • We geolocate the assets and associated infrastructure on a map and provide a copy to the community.
  • We provide technical consultation and support for community infrastructure related initiatives.
  • We work with Public Works departments to conduct field assessments, provide cost estimates, and prepare initial damage assessment reports for the Disaster Recovery Road Project process for ISC and Alberta Emergency Management Agency.

In addition to deficiency reporting, the E-ACRS program also provides:

  • A greater scrutiny of the individual components of each asset, providing opportunities to address potential deficiencies early
  • More comprehensive information to forecast future costs over the life of the asset
  • An accessible, easily-understood executive summary of asset conditions and needs
  • Better long-term planning and informed risk-based prioritization
  • Information for strategic decision making
  • A 35-year forecast of future annual capital costs for each asset
  • Risk Assessments, and
  • Certified Engineer stamped inspection reports

Our E-ACRS Team

Monica Bradley

Monica Bradley

Program Director

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Nimtz Centina

Nimtz Centina

Program Lead

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Anna Loh

Anna Loh

Business Analyst

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Aaron Campbell

Aaron Campbell

Water Inspector

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Dylan Cardinal

Dylan Cardinal

Community Liaison

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